We Found Love

We found love on this fragile dock you and me, two halves of an untold story.

It was not a scream on the rooftops kind of love, it was a swirl of grey and still white.

That was the night you held my hand casually without missing a beat. Your skin was like leather but to me, it was shimmering gold.

In the silence of the midnight air we hummed the same song, our hearts beat the same rhythm, our eyes sang the same tune.

Your lips were candy floss clouds and feather down pillows and summers days you never want to end.

That night was about holding on to that nervous, scary, spine tingling, lip biting feeling.

When all we wanted was to feel the ripple of the lake on our toes to know we were awake, and we were alive, and this was real.

That night under the grey clouds and mirrored lake, I found you and you found me.

We were one, and we were whole, and we were the beginning and the end all at once.


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